CS-Cart Image Paths


As we know, CS-Cart uses “images” directory for uploading images on products, categories etc.

But I want to change directory path with another. Is it possible?

bottom of config.php or config.local.php

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]bottom of config.php or config.local.php[/QUOTE]

Is it possible to use a sub-domain as image path in cs-cart, as it may increase overall cs-cart speed?

Thanks Jesse,

Yes we can change “images” and “thumbnails” folder names but as I see it’s not possible to change names of subfolders on that directories.

I mean;



Is there anyway to change that change names of subfolders like “product” and “detailed” ?

Thanks Jesse,

We are able to change “images” and “thumbnails” folder names, but how about subfolders on that directories?

I mean like images/product and images/detailed etc.

The large image is saved to detailed/ folder by default. How to change detailed to another path?