Cs-Cart: I Have Developing The Cs-Cart Blog Add-On So Please Share Your Suggestion.


I have developing the “CS-Cart Blog Add-on” with following features. Please let me know if have any addtional functionality or your suggestion so that it will be make my add-on as perfect.

CS-Cart Blog Add-on features:-

  1. Ability to enable/disable blog from your store backend.
  2. Ability to enable/diable customers comments from your store backend.
  3. Ability to auto approval for customers comments.
  4. Ability to received email once customers post comments on blog post.
  5. Ability to IP blocking for customers who exceed limits of blog post comments.
  6. Ability to bulk approve/delete from your store backend for blog comments.
  7. Ability to enable/disable from your store backend for blog categories.
  8. Ability to enable/disable from your store backend for blog posts.
  9. Ability to spam control for comments utilising captcha.
  10. Ability to Import/Export of categories and posts.
  11. Ability to search functions for both blog cagetory and blog post.
  12. Ability to assign the blog posts per page.
  13. Ability to enable login requred for post comments.
  14. Ability to mange the blog categories and posts from Goole sitemaps.
  15. Ability to choose the date format and many more.

    Please share your valuable suggestion on my CS-Cart blog add-on development.

    Kindly contact us at abssofts@gmail.com if want payment gateway add-on for your CS-Cart based online shopping website.