Cs-cart for 1-n bookstore structure

I need to build a books-store that also is a digital catalogue of the publishing company.

Some publications of the company are not just books, but magazines done as a collections of articles written by single (or multiples) authors … the company wants to archive (and sell) every publication, and parts of the publications themselves, like articles …

Thus every publication (book or magazine) should be (and stored as … ) an item of the shop, so as every article should be the same … with price and specific characteristics (i.e. shippable, dowloadable, etc.).

In the storefront page of the single magazine item (that would be buid as an whole, with its price), it should possible to list all the related articles with functions and links to allow them to be buyed as separated/single items (with their specific characteristics, prize and checkout options …).

Conceptually something very similar to a music shop that allows to catalogue and sell CDs and their single audio tracks …

In the demo contents of cs-cart the music category doesn’t implement these functionalities for its products (tracks are just listed in the description tab).

I have read some posts that seems to face this matter (i.e. [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=20544[/url]) but without really solving it, in my opinion.

They usually mention solutions regarding “product configurator” and/or “buy together” tools … but both of them seem to bring to not so “natural” solutions and procedures …

The matter would regard to set up the database logic and manage related items in an 1 to n relationship …

Is all this possible to be done (easily and naturally) with the actual Cs-cart version and it’s functionalities

(that probably I didn’t get completely) or would it need some (hard) coding and personalization ???

Thanks in advance for you advices and support