CS-Cart Facebook Connect - Confusing Duplicate AddOn?

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me make an informed decision about the use of Facebook addons for CS-Cart. I am looking for an addon that will make it easy for customers to:[list]

[]Sign into a CS-Cart store using only a Facebook account

]Like various pages on my store and report back to their FB timeline

[]Comment on products to a cart page using the Facebook comment plugin

]Share products to their FB friends on their Facebook wall directly from my pages


When researching I found an add-on named CS-Cart Facebook Connect but, as I researched this add on further, I found some conflicting information. It appears there are actually two different companies with two different Facebook add-ons using the exact same name?

CartTuning Facebook Connect [url=“CS-Cart Facebook Connect Addon - CartTuning”]http://www.carttuning.com/cs-cart-addons/cs-cart-facebook-connect-pro.html[/url]

CS-Cart Rocks Facebook Connect [url=“CS-Cart Facebook Connect and Share Order on Facebook Addon”]http://www.cscartrocks.com/cs-cart-facebook-connect-addon.html[/url]

The fact that these products have the same name was confusing and led me first to believe that one company eventually bought the addon from the other. Look closely, however, it seems that each addon performs a completely different function.

The CS-Cart Rocks version seems to allow customers to sign in using Facebook. The CartTuning version seems to allow customers to like, comment, share pages and products from the store. Together they would reach a rather costly $160 for advanced Facebook functionality in CS-Cart.

Has anyone used both of these add-ons together in V3, do they overlap on functionality?

Better, is there a company right now offering a single add-on with all this functionality or is one nearing a release date? I'd prefer to have a single addon to handle all of my FB needs if possible rather than trying to use two FB addons at the same time.


Hi Mypctechs!

We are glad to help you with the choice. First of all, we would like to note that our module doesn't duplicate the functionality of the addon by CS-Cart Rocks as well as we are not familiar with its company.

Our module supports all features which are offered by Facebook through social plugins. However, we deliberately haven't added into the functionality of our module to authentification via Facebook because there is a standard CS-Cart addon that supports Facebook login, called Janrain. We hope that this module will be useful for you.

Best regards,

CartTuning team

Dear mypctechs, thanks for your interest. There is no overlap between these two addons. There is no future limit with our facebook connect addon compared with Janrain. Also it's more clear for user to login with Facebook connect button which can be clearly placed on the page.