cs-cart domain setting for country


i'v use ultimate 3.0 version cs-cart

i have several country domain like www.a.com www.a.fr www.a.de

i just want set language for each domain like english — www.a.com

franch www.a.fr like this…

but all website has to same product same category. means that all same.

instead subdomin, how can i set up country domain in cs-cart.

please let me know…

Hi, I'm also interested in the same thing except that some of my products are only for Country A and others for Country B. I was hoping to set a filter for A and one for B so that when a domain is pick it would use one filter or the other. Would also like to have products for Country A to be in Country A's currency. I guess what I need is the ability to set different currency for different products but when the user buy 2 products set with different currency they would have to pay using their prefered currency on checkout which would update the other currency using an admin preset currency value.

I guess if they go to a.ca they would only see the products for that Country so probably no need to

Would anyone know if there is a similar addon avail and if not is anyone interested in sharing the cost?



anyone help me? if i add more store it;s easy to do that www.a.com www.a.de www.a.ca l ike this…

problem is product union… can not be one store… it works seperatelly.

who knows best way…give to me answer. nation domain is strong for each country on google.

i have to know… how can i union store when i use nation domain

Actually a subdirectory works fine too. In google webmaster, you can tell google /en is for UK, /de is for Germany, and so on. It will appear like that in search results - you can even get analytics and stuff separated.

What I did then is point .de to /de and .co.uk to /en (for example). This way you can advertise with the countries domain which is a big advantage (people prefer ordering from a website from their country).

If you really want separate domains, I guess you can do this with ultimate.

thanks everyone. maybe i should use sub domain. how can u do install for SSL. cuz that is work only one domain.

subdomain works ssl is too expensive. if i have www.example.com ssl certification it won't work at en.example.com or www.example.com/en those are work?

I think its best to follow Flow's advice. Set your different countries as; yourdomain.com or - yourdomain.com etc - this way you can utilise one SSL certificate.

Use Google Webmaster Tools as Flow suggested to target different countries.

thanks scott. could you tell me how can i set diffrenret counties on GOOLE WEBMASTER (ex www.a.com/fr) france how can i set tarket to france on google webmaster?

Sure. Go to; www.google.com/webmasters/tools -Set your primary domain (for example; yourdomain.com) and the country you wish it to reside in.

Then for each different country, add a new website, for example; yourdomain.com - you'll need to verify each site with Google (instructions are given) and set the specific geographic location for each of the domains you add.

thanks thanks so so much scott…i learned so much from you.

i have good biz model,but i have beinger of google… you are so great… thanks so much scott

for example… my website www.a.com then i exchange lanague to fr page turned to www.a.com/?sl=fr like this.

do you know how to url exchange www.a.com/?sl=fr --------> www.a.com/fr

please let me know to setting in google webmaster

Just set the seo option of “include language in URL”.

do just in addon seo rules

dispatch value www.a.com/?sl=fr seo url www…a.com/fr

like this?

am i right?