CS-Cart Documentation Improvments

Hi guys,

We are working on improving the developer documentation: http://docs.cs-cart.com

I would like to ask your advice in this regard. There are two main questions:

  1. How would you see the perfect table of contents? How should we categorize the articles? Maybe you can recommend some nice docs organization of other CMS or frameworks as an inspiration.

  2. What articles should we add? Please post a list in the order of priority.

Table of contents should reflect the development process. I.e. hooks, file locations, how to do things conditionally, use of pre-post-override methods, priorities, language variables, portability issues (Ie. upgrades blasting your addons), etc.

If you look in the developer area you'll find an old tutorial I did using movies as an example of how to develop an addon. It is a very simple case but you might find the “flow” to be appropriate to your task. I think you can search for “movie” in the developer corner section with me as the author. I think there were 6 tutorials in all.

Suggest you define an addon that would utilize most of the system (admin, customer and mail for each) that utilizes php and template hooks and uses a form entry in admin with results used in customer (like having it add a tab to a product detail page and/or to make something happen as a result of an option selection).