CS-Cart Community: “Powered by CS-Cart” Link Removal License

Hello All,

[QUOTE][SIZE=“3”]Now all users of CS-Cart Community Edition get an opportunity to legally remove the “Powered by CS-Cart” link from the pages of their CS-Cart Community[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

Source: [url]http://blog.cs-cart.com/2010/12/06/link-removal-license/[/url]

Lee Li Pop

I question how many would actually pay that fee. I’m a current “community” user who is looking to upgrade very soon and $65 seems very expensive to simply hide the CS-Cart branding. I’d have to say that would be the least of my worries with limited funds to invest in cart features on a budget.

Ah, for what we are using our community copies for we have no problem leaving the link back to CS in tact. This gives more links back to them under the term “Ecommerce solutions” and increases their friendly “neighborhood”. I see CS is on page 2 of Google out of 4,160,000 results, so maybe if there are enough of the community sites it could bump them up to first page status.

I would also have to agree that the $65 is probably going to be too much for most who would use this site.

I guess the link removal option is appealing for those who offer web page design. It takes time to learn how to customize it, but overall is a good featured cart: Fast, CSV import, thumbnails generator, filters, CEO, frequently updates, great small community.

You can pass the $65 cost to the customers that are looking for a small shopping cart, and take the rest to cover your work.