Cs-Cart Checkout.fi Finland Payment Gateway Add-On For Latest Cs-Cart Version 4.2.x

Hello Finland Store Owners,

We have successfully developed and released the "CS-Cart Checkout.fi Payment Gateway Add-on" for Finland based CS-Cart store owners and we are happy to provide the payment gateway add-on service to your CS-Cart website.

Checkout.fi is leading payment gateway provider in Finland based online store/website. Checkout.fi payment gateway service provides all major Finnish banks and credit card payments with one contract.

The Checkout.fi is suitable for both small and large traders. Their service costs are only a fraction of what separate agreements with banks and credit institutions would pay. The payment service gives you access to all major payment methods in one easily and cheaply, but, above all, reliable.
1. Secure and reliable payment intermediation
2. Easy-Commerce

Checkout.fi is the merchant and the consumer a safe and reliable solution, the checkout button will redirect the customer to the gateway site. From there, the customer has multiple choices of bank options to login and pay. Once payment is completed, the page will redirect back to your site to complete the order.

Why Choose Checkout.if Payment?
1. Accept credit card and bank account payments through your site
2. Avoid security concerns since payments are processed through Checkout
3. Accept Visa, MasterCard, bank payments, and more


  • This add-on works in all web browsers like Mozilla, internet explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and etc..,
  • This add-on compatible with following CS-Cart version 3.0.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x.
  • We are ready to offer you the add-on and also installation with cost-effective.

1. Do not resell the software and use it on licensed domain(s) only.
2. The add-on installation may take 1-2 business days after the purchase.

Click here for [url="http://cs-cart.abssoft.co.in"]Store UI[/url].
Click here for [url="http://cs-cart.abssoft.co.in/admin.php"]Store Admin[/url]

Purchase the payment Checkout.fi payment gateway add-on [url="http://abssoft.co.in/cs-cart-addons.html"]here[/url]

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