Cs-Cart Blog Vs Wordpress

We have had a CS-Cart store since 2.1.4 but are just about to launch a brand new 4.4.2. Part of our strategy moving forward involves a lot more blogging and we obviously want to get the maximum return for our efforts.

I have searched the forums for information comparing the performance of the CS-Cart blogging module (with possible third party upgrades) but most posts are very old and obviously CS-Cart has advanced considerably in this area since then.

I have had a bit to do with Wordpress and it is (arguably) the current blogging standard, having all of the tools and focused development for maximising blog exposure etc and in-turn getting the best SEO return. I am therefore a bit concerned CS-Cart may fall short in this area and therefore not giving us the traction we desire.

I do see the obvious downfalls of WP in regard to the ease of linking specific products etc available in CS-Cart, but will WP give us better traction in the myriad of social media platforms and with Google?

All viewpoints appreciated.

Also, if WP is the outstanding choice, then I would appreciate views on others efforts to seamlessly integrate it into current CS-Cart versions.