Cs-Cart B2C Lite Checkout Annoying Extra Click

Hello everyone,

So I have been using CS-Cart for like 8 years and I really like it even thought they are mostly focused on their multi-vendor platform right now. About 1 year ago they have introduced a new feature called lite checkout which looks very cool and modern. It also fits very nice with default theme.

The only that is bugging me right now is the need of extra click to recalculate the shipping prices when the state or country in delivery address is changed. Please see the attached screenshot.

Do we really need to perform that extra click when we change the state or country. I keep getting a lot of calls from customers telling that they are unable to proceed with their orders. Can we not make these recalculations as soon as another item is selected from drop down box? I do not see the intention of this design?

Perhaps someone has a quick and easy fix on this issue? Any help is welcome. But my main reason of starting this topic is to integrate this change to CS-Cart itself. I hope we can see this soon in the newer versions.

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2022-01-04 23_05_29-Window.png

I agree,this large button is bad way,overall,lite checkout is not good,customers are fighting with it and providing wrong information.