CS-Cart Assigned Product ID

I need to map the system-assigned product ID to the actual product name or product code. Where do I find the list of product IDs assigned by the system? I am trying to get unit sales by product by month but the sales report cuts off the product description and I don’t want to have to click through every entry to identify the exact product. When I mouse over it, it does show a unique product ID so I thought I’d use this.

And I can’t export the canned reports into Excel!?!?

Thank you

Sales Report.png

let's me explain to you. product code yes you can fix and make it. product id —impossible and can not see it.

cuz system makes it automatlly this system is prevent same product name or code.

so only one way is EXPORT product. then you can see it product ID. ps ) product code and product id is diffent things

In your case, suggest you alter the sales output listing to use product_code rather than description.