CS cart as a sub folder for specific customers

I have about 4 large customers that specifically order about 50 specific to them, customised products but regularly. At the moment they are on my old ASP site and when they log in the site changes to be just their products and is formatted to have their logo and colours etc.

I want to gradually bleed these regular customers from the old site and switch them to one of my CS sites so I can then get the old site running on CS cart pro, but the usergroups function is not as good. So I am thinking that if I set up a subdomain and install another cs cart for each customer then they log in to mysitecom/theirname each with its own database

and coloured/logoed for them personally then this would be more professional.

If anyone has any advice or done this before I would appreciate your comments but the questions I initially have are,

Stopping this sub site being indexed is this just the same as disallow in robots.txt of the sub site or will the main site robots.txt do the job.

Any major impact on speed of the main site if I set up probably 5 sub sites ( no more than 50 products and say 5 visits a day each) I am on VPS at the moment and speed is good.

Would it be possible for them to log in to the main site but then be redirected to the sub site automatically and use it logged in(doubt it but thought I d ask)

or lastly would it be better if I purchased the ultimate edition and have done with it even though as it stands now, the community edition would probably do the job, buut the amount these customers spen I dont mind shelling out.



How about CS Cart Ultimate, would this suffice? You could set up subfolder/subdomain carts, however, you would need to buy one license per cart.

Yes I think it would the only problem is my main site is still on 2.1.4 and has a number of mods to it.

thanks for reply, looks like ulitmate probably the way to go