Cs-Cart And Xenforo Forums Integration Addon Coming Soon

I commissioned Cart-Power to develop an addon that integrates User Registration/Log in/Log out between CS-Cart and the very popular Xenforo Forum Software.

It is completed and working great allowing for a great user experience between a full Shopping Cart and Forum web site.

It will be released here soon at a cost yet to be determined.

There is only one issue which I am getting fixed however it does not impact the addon itself but is to do with my own site. I use an Xenforo addon that allows for multiple Xenforo sites on different domains using a single Xenforo installation. The CS-Cart Addon is currently clashing with that Xenforo Addon on my own site so I am getting that fixed before I release the addon. However for a normal CS-Cart and Xenforo site it is working perfectly allowing for a full forum and shop integrated site.

Is anyone interested in this?

Does this work well still?