Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor 4.12.2 Released

I would agree with this change, it was an overkill filling these for every product also very confusing for new vendors..who doesn't want to fill out lot of info. Right now I have hidden these fields from vendor to simplify product upload and not make it too confusing.

but if you're not changing them then they are valid just as they are. No need to set qty_step to 1 nor min_qty to 1 which are already the defaults if the fields are empty.

He says that the settings remain on a product base if you need them.

So, what they did is they added global defaults.

Thanks how I understand it.

Understood that a major release might be buggy but I believe the real reason for high number of bugs is the long list of functionality you guys trying to cram it in and it leaves little time and resources for you test everything. Between the two releases I counted some 18 bugs related to checkout, shipping and payment..all three a shopping cart should do flawlessly that is the core purpose of the shopping cart! But you guys spend way too much time on bells and whistles and end up spending less effort on core shopping cart functionality. My 2 cents.

Totally agree with the feature / quality balance comments.

The system has huge number of features, the quality is bad.

I think it would be better for everyone if we had a simpler system with better quality.

Let 3rd party developers or addon developers do the case specific features.