Cs-Cart Adds Taxes Before Seeing Customer Address

Hello, I have a little annoying issue I'm hoping someone can't point e in the right direction to correct.

Cs-Cart Version 3.04

When the customer goes to checkout (Customer information page), the side information to the right of the page automatically adds state taxes to the order before the customer inputs there shipping information. Once they change the shipping information it will drop the Taxes (If outside of the state of California for us). We would like the Taxes to NOT show untill after the customer have entered in their shipping/billing address.

The reason were requesting this is some customers may be scared away if they see that there is a tax included when there really is not once they enter there shipping information. Note that customers inside the state of California should still have taxes.

Is there a way to not have the taxes show until after they enter their shipping information?

Thank You for any help!


You need to clear/remove the default address…Settings->General…Default location

Your a genius, Thank you!

If you use default address for other features, you can just disable the following setting:

Settings → Appearance → Estimate taxes using default address on cart/checkout pages