CS-Cart addon deleted - how can I install it again?

Hi guys

If i delete a CS-Cart addon how can I install it later again?
I mean not the addons from the marketplaces. I mean the addons which come with a new CS-Cart installation and can be activated or deactivated in the beginning.

Why would you delete it? Why not just uninstall it?

If deleted, you would have to get a download from help desk and copy the necessary files.

Thank you for your answer. I wanna delete all addons which i dont need to have a better loading and speed performance. Currently i optimize my store for everything (DNS, CDN, Pictures, Litespeed, redis etc.)

So the addons from this list can be downloaded via Hel desk? thank you i will check T

You don’t need to delete them. Simply uninstalling the add on is sufficient enough.