Cs Cart 4 Wishlist - Is This A Bug?

We've had customers complain that they cant transfer their wishlist items to the shopping cart, and upon looking at the cs cart demo its seems to be the same.

Whats the point of having a wishlist if you cant transfer those desired products to your shopping cart at some point? Or am I missing something? It seems no one ever complained about the wishlist when we ran 2.2.4 but today I have two complaints already (4.0.3)


We are totally agree with you. Moreother, you can add products with different product options to wishlist and each item will be displayed as a separate product. And what can we do on the wishlist? Only reach the product details page where a customer should select the options again.

The quick view on wishlist view is not enough. We are planning a Wishlist Grid/List View Pro addon.

Thanks guys. Louis, would love to see that mod when you have it available.