Cs Cart 4.6 Mods Required

Good afternoon,

I am looking for a company to do some CS Cart website modifications for us.

Has anybody got any good experiences or recommendations out there that could lead us in the right direction, or should we just go to CS Cart direct for this.

Thanks in advance

Regards Darren

Dear Darren,

Our team is at your service. Feel free to contact us to discuss project details and receive a free quote

We have been working with CS-Cart since 2010. Contact us with all details.

Website: www.alt-team.com

Skype: Altteam

Email: manager@alt-team.com

Best regards,


it all depends on what you want done.

But we too are happy to discuss with you and provide you a quote for your needs.

Note that "cs-cart" doesn't do development outside the distributed product. But "Simtech Dev" (owned by same people) are the ones who do customer development. However, requests to cs-cart are directed to Simtech and not other developers.

Thank you very much for your input gents.

thirnseth you always have valuable honest non bias input and help to this forum. I have watched it over many years and am sure users appreciate it.

Well done.

Now I will get on with getting the development done.

Regards Darren

Just a follow up on my post looking for someone to do some design work and mods for us.
A big shout out to Tony from EZ Merchant Solutions for his efforts and work he has done for us.
He truly and genuinely is a great guy to work with. Nothing is to much trouble.
His work is fabulous.
I would have absolutely no problems in recommending Tony for you next cs cart mod.
Tony is also a great supporter to us in this forum.(As others as well)
If anyone is contemplating doing the work by themselves that is not a professional developer ( like me ), then I would suggest that you engage a professional developer.
No only will the job happen faster but it will be done with the correct hooks ect through the my changes add on and will keep you cart powerful and inline with cs cart rules.
This also helps with future updates.
Publicly, thankyou Tony great work:)
Best regards Darren Kennedy

Thanks for the kind words Darren.