Cs-Cart 4.3.5 Not Doing Some "things"


I have installed CS-Cart 4.3.5 on my VPS which runs nginx, mysql and php-fpm 5.6.

I have some very weird problems:

1. I can't upload files over 1MB. The PHP configuration is not the problem (upload_max_filesize is 64M and post_data is 64M also). The file manager just throws out "Unable to connect to backend". I've triple checked the permissions and of course the connection to the SQL server is perfect.

2. I can't install a theme. I uploaded the zip file via FTP (I couldnt upload it through the file manager due to the previous problem) and when I click install from server and press install after I select the zip (I've tried with tgz and tar.gz as well) I just wait a couple of seconds and nothing happens.

The even more weird about all this is that I dont see anything in any logs. Not the PHP/NginX or CS-Cart logs. All seems perfect.

Please help me.

I solved the 1st problem. It was nginx which had the

client_max_body_size            1m;

I just set it to 100m and the upload works like a charm.

Any help with the theme? :/