Cs Cart 4.2 License Version Checkout With Credit Card After Submit ,page Stalls

Hello Guys

I am new to cs cart.

I am having some problem with cs cart version 4.2 licensed version.

I have installed it on local and add the products and categories for testing.

Now when i do the checkout using credit card,

with credit card : 411111111111111 , cvv :123 etc etc

after hitting the submit button, page says :



please help me.


Dear Thomas,

What online payment method are you using?

Hello eComLabs,

Thanks for your quick reply. I am using credit card offline mayment method. Its not only creadit card payment it even happens when I was going to submit an order via Phone Ordering or Check. the page was loaded and returns “The connection was reset” page. In admin the order lising section shows “No data found”, means no order has been placed.

I have googling and spend 3 days to find out the reson & solution, but still no solution.

If you can advice me what I need to do to fix that issue it will be great help for me.

The problem was occured with any payment gateways.

I have enabled the cs cart credit card, phone and check gateway. which is default set to active by the way.

I have not change anything. But in my localhost it is having problem.

Please help me with this.“The connection was reset” page after crdeit card details submit on my localhost.

it is a licensed version of cs cart 4.2

Try to open the config.local.php and replace:

ini_set('display_errors', 0);


ini_set('display_errors', 1);
define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Then clear the cache and try to place a test order. Do you see any error message?

Also ensure that you do not have any of the “Secure” boxes checked when running on your localhost.