CS-Cart 4.0.3 ... stable enough to upgrade to?

We have a reasonable business going using 3.0.6 and really don’t need to upgrade

apart from having the new Image Zoom add on ( which I guess isn’t an option with 3.0.6 )


is 4.0.3 ( single user not multi ) solid enough yet ?

If there will be a 4.0.4, I would wait if you're running a real commercial site. However, if they do not address the bugs in 4.0.X with a new 4.0 release but instead go to a 4.1.0, then 4.0.3 is probably as stable as you're going to get. My bet is that 4.1 is focused at all the remaining pieces necessary to start moving to a SaaS environment (standardized addon installation, protection of certain areas of the cart, etc.). There will be bugfixes, but there will also be new bugs introduced with new functionality.

I'd review the bugtracker and see if any of the outstanding issues are show-stoppers for you or not.

Thanks tbirnseth.

Had a look and I might wait a while longer.

To be honest, the only deal maker for me is Image Zoom ( as we sell clothing ) but

I am not sure I can tolerate this system much longer.

If we all ran our web businesses the same way the CS Cart team runs theirs then

we would all end up on government benefits.

I will stick with 3.0.6 until I leave CS Cart altogether.

I think migrate the new Image Zoom add on to cs-cart 3.0.6 will save you a lot of trouble of changing the whole system. There is a lot of potential with cs-cart 4 due to the new structure.

Also here is a good alternative for the image zoom addon: CS-Cart Product Image Zoom Addon (Hover or Click) - Magic Zoom Plus

Sorry to seem like a bloody idiot but what is the 'root' of a website.

Is it the level where you see the Public_html folder or is it inside the Public_html folder ?

That Magical Tools mob looks good.

At least I can see if it works well first before buying.

Doh !! I can't drop the Magic Zoom Var folder in what I 'think' is the root coz

there is already a Var folder there…grrr

Yes root is where all your files are stored, public.html seems like in your case.

You dont need to drop the var folder in there, just copy the file contents from the “addon var folder” into the same place in the normal var folder same with the other folders as long as they exist. If they dont exist create one.

If you have in the addon folder var/exim/filename then that would be dropped in root/var/exim

REMEMBER to back up each folder somewere else before you start making changes then you can always go back and overwrite it to normal if it mis behaves


Thanks johnbol1.

Took it all out for a spin but the cart slowed down too much. Maybe PHP 5.2

doesn't play well with it. I didn't drop anything new into the VAR folder so maybe

I will do that and take it out for another spin.

Went to have a go but it appears that stuff in the magiczoomplus var folder

will over write and wipe out some existing info.

The magiczoomplus var folder goes like this

var > skins_repository > basic > admin > addons > magiczoomplus

[color=#ffffff] …[/color]> customers > addons > magiczoomplus

Should I just drop the magiczoomplus folder into the existing addons folders

Just upload the folders and they will merge into your cs-cart files. Then you can install from your admin addon section.

Thanks cscartrocks.

I wasn't thinking too clearly and focused on Var replacing Var rather than the contents updating…lol

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Thanks cscartrocks.

I wasn’t thinking too clearly and focused on Var replacing Var rather than the contents updating…lol


You’re welcome. :)

[quote name='cscartrocks' timestamp='1385469719' post='172379']

Just upload the folders and they will merge into your cs-cart files. Then you can install from your admin addon section.


That depends on your FTP-software and your preferences. Some Merge, others replace and others again ask you what to do.

Thanks Onkel.

After all this I will now most likely bite the bullet and go for an upgrade

from 3.0.6 to 4.0.3 ( or rather get someone else to do it ).

Not straightforward because my 3.0.6 is sitting on a PHP 5.2 web space.

My plan is to set up a separate web space ( running PHP 5.4 )

& let my current store keep operating where it is.

On the new web space I will upload the unpacked files for 3.0.6, 4.0.3 plus

the backup for my existing store.

I will then get someone to get the 3.0.6 running with the data base backup

on the new space then upgrade to 4.0.3

When the dust settles I will update the DNS's.

Not sure about my current SSL Certificate but I have paid web host support so I can

drop that one in 'their' lap.

If anyone feels like doing a paid job ( including CS-Cart support ) they can PM me.

Make sure your cs-cart v3 only has one storefront so you can upgrade to cs-cart v4. Please feel free to contact us about any cs-cart support/services at CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins - CS-Cart Addons - CS-Cart Mods

I feel like I have been wasting people's time.

It is probably best for me to wait for the SAAS cart because on a monthly basis it

will actually be cheaper than my current web hosting charge.