CS-Cart 3 Final Released


Today we are proud and happy to release a new major version of CS-Cart ecommerce software.

CS-Cart 3 has been released today, on the 22nd of May, and is already available for purchase.

This release is a result of a long and hard work of the whole CS-Cart team, but it would never be possible without the feedback we get from CS-Cart users. We want to thank everybody who was involved in testing of CS-Cart 3 release candidates.

Apart from the 3 previously existing ones it is available in a whole Ultimate edition with multi-store functionality.

The features of this new release are reviews in the post in our blog, you are very welcome to ask questions in the comments.

The full changelog can be found on our site.

This is an open discussion, please feel free to express your opinions and imporessions about CS-Cart 3.

If you happen to face any bugs in the fresh CS-Cart version, do not hesitate to let us know via the Bug tracker. The reported issues will be fixed in the following minor releases.

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Congratulations! Thank you cs-cart for the great work!

Great news! Checking it out now!

very nice,

we can begin the work now again :)

How do i import cs-cart 2 over to cs-cart 3?

When you'll update the documentation for version 3?

Awesome stuff CS-Cart team!

Been testing the RC 6 version, what's the best way to upgrade to final release?

I spose you have to backup your database, delete the old files on your server and install from fresh. Am i correct?

there was a mention of an addon that would backup along with the images in to a zip folder. Any news on that?


Upgrade from CS-Cart 2.2.4

CS-Cart 3 is a major release with many significant differences compared with CS-Cart 2.2.4, which makes a plain straightforward upgrade process from via the Upgrade center impossible.

There is a special upgrade tool being developed right now that will handle the upgrade. It will take some time to develop a reliable instrument, so we just ask all store owners for patience.


[quote]The update tool for the release candidates will be release very soon, probably this week. As soon as we are finished with it we’ll begin developing the tool to upgrade CS-Cart 2.2.4 to CS-Cart 3.0.1.[/quote]

Just read via official release blog post.


How do I upgrade from 3.0 RC6 to the live version thats out at the moment?

No option coming up in the back end?


[quote name='djstevie84' timestamp='1337687511' post='136998']


How do I upgrade from 3.0 RC6 to the live version thats out at the moment?

No option coming up in the back end?



Honestly think you may need to read through the information that has already been provided by members and staff here.

wuaaauuuuu !!!

Thank'YOU !!!


Well done to all involved!!

I have looking for a long time for a good shoppingcart.

I have found it in CS-Cart.

10xtimes beter then Interspire.

Thank you very much for the work you have done.

Congratulation, Cs-Cart3 finally here.

I am really excited :-)

but, how would I migrate a language (has been translated) on the old 2.2.4 to the new cs-cart 3 ?

re-translate it in the new cs-cart 3 is really pain in a … :-)

Help ??!!

Very nice! Hope tool for upgrading from 2.2.4 to 3 will be published soon.

Does cs-cart3 work with php5.4? i.e. has this issue really been fixed:

Strict Standards: Declaration of SmartyEngine_Core::display() should be compatible

The dev was not able to reproduce the issue, likely because he was not using php5.4