CS-Cart 3.0.3 problem with Greek language?


I am having this problem with Greek language…

When in product page, product tabs titles stay in English… I had to unistall add-ons and then install them again (while I had only Greek language enabled) so that some switch to Greek (if I change language in English, tabs stay in Greek) .

Now, I want to change prduct tab “Description” to Greek but it doesn't change… I have checked addon's source code and it is using “$lang.description” and in translation languages via admin it is ok…

the other thing is that final tab “tags” has a Greek title “Καρτέλες”, I can't change that via the admin.

any idea?


sorry, my bad!!

I found from where I can change this…

from admin panel > Design > Product tabs

and… that's all


you found it!

If you find why print order in pdf is missing letters like M and Δ ,please let me know… :)