CS-cart 3.0.1 POP-UPs blinking

Dear forum admins and members,

It's almost 3 months as I'm trying to find solution to fix the problem with pop-up blinking.

Cs-cart support made some minor changes, since that time ALL pop-ups are repeatedly blinking while you click on them.

Cs-art suggested to reinstall the system, which we made, but after they copied some old (minor) modifications, pop-ups again started blinking.

Please assist to find solution for this problem.

I have spend 1 support month for these minor changes and then 1 month on trying to fix this BUG.

I asked CS_cart to restore the database for 7 Sept 2012, when the system was clean (reinstalled) and then to try copy modifications one by one, in order to avoid repeating the bug. But cs-cart engineers are copying all modifications together, all the time.

PLEASE suggest how to fix POP-UP blinking problem. (it affects all pop-ups, not aonly Add to cart) See attached video.

Screen Recording 4.mov

Since none of members posted reply on it, hope it was the issue with my cart only. But it was really bug. Live help add -on is in conflict with the cart. I disabled it and the problem disappeared.