Cs-Cart 2.2.1 Usps Shipping Rate Incorrect - Help!


We are running CS-Cart 2.2.1 and most things are working well so we don’t want to upgrade unless necessary. With the USPS changes in the recent past our cart is now charging a higher rater for Priority Mail (we did not change our configuration).

If we buy buy labels thru USPS online, or Endicia, or Stamps.com, we are given the discounted online rate. We want our customers to also get the online pricing as they place their orders on the website. We are losing some customers due to abandoned carts, and the shipping cost is a factor in that.

Is there a configuration to use USPS ONLINE pricing, and not RETAIL?

I logged a ticket with CS-Cart but they told me that 2.2.1 was running the correct version of the API and to check with USPS (which is not feasible!).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



Same request for 4.3.x... is there a way to display the Online price and not the Retail price?

You can try this: replace the $service->Price with $service->OnlinePrice in the 'app/Tygh/Shippings/Services/Usps.php' file for 4.x and in the 'shippings/usps.php' file for 2.2.1.

You can try this: replace the $service->Price with $service->OnlinePrice in the 'app/Tygh/Shippings/Services/Usps.php' file for 4.x and in the 'shippings/usps.php' file for 2.2.1.

Thanks SimTechDev... maybe i'm missing something but replace it with what? Sorry i'm not getting it.

Ha, nvm... i was reading too fast.... thanks, I see it now!

They mean that you should open the app/Tygh/Shippings/Services/Usps.php file and replace:




Ha, nvm... i was reading too fast.... thanks, I see it now!

Thank you. I hope it works, right?

Tried it, didn't work v4.3.x Maybe I didn't do something correct as I still got the same rates when refreshing the checkout page. Anyone get this to work?

But USPS doesn't offer a discounted online price anymore. The price at Click-N-Ship USED to be Commercial based pricing. That changed in January 2016.

The only way to lower the price for USPS, is to do some tweaks in each method's Cost Dependencies.

Actually, the rates are available in the API if requested. The API needs to be updated to call for the proper rate in the V4Request as well and get it out of the array in the V4Response.

I've also discovered that the First Class API only goes up to 13oz not 16oz which needs to be addressed but is much less priority.

Let's be clear here, if you do not ship at the commercial or commercial plus rates, do not use the commercial rates if we ever get them; you will charge less to the customer than it costs you to ship.

We were trying to modify the files for the API but can't seem to get them all located. Ideally, CSC would do this and provide an option in the method setup to display * Retail , * Commercial Base, * Commercial Plus

If anyone solves this, we'd love to use it. Right now we are working on a modified Custom Method made up of all the shipping rates extracted from USPS.

Is there any solution? I was going to get shiprush add-on to raise charges site wide but their add-on was taken offline.
I need to raise the shipping rates site wide since it is not charging enough…
shipping charges tab does not show on USPS media mail option on admin like it is shown here:

I am afraid but this article is outdated, since interface of setting up shipping methods has changed.

You can add the additional surcharge or discount at the Shipping time and rates tab of the shipping method setup page:

Thank you. I will see if it works in reality.

Good news here, the article was updated :slight_smile: