Cs Cart 2.2.1 jquery 1.5 -> jquery 1.7

Internet Explorer 8 produces many error on copy of cs cart pointing to jquery.min.js… jquery version was 1.5.2 and i updated it to jquery 1.7 which is the latest one. will this be affect my copy of cs cart? so far my cs cart is working well, but might some function i didnt noticed to affected.

I just want to know if someone have done thesame action that i did.

feel free to comment, i read some post and they said that its not recommended to change the version of jquery is it applicable to version 2.2.1 cs cart.


I haven't looked at it recently but in the past CSC highly modified the jquery code to work with the cart. So much that it was just too much trouble to try to figure out what they modified and update it.

I did find a problem on internet explorer 8 only, i change back my version of jquery to 1.5.2 same with the distrubution copy and im able to find out the line causes the error

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'type': object is null or undefined

jquery.min.js, line 16 character 26101

it was


any one can help me to remove this?