Cs Cart 2.0 Features

I am a complete newbie to Cs-Cart and I have surfing the web to find the best shopping cart software for my business. I’ve downloaded the beta version of Cs-Cart and since I am new, I am confused. Does the “beta” version not allow me to do test payments via paypal? When I checked out the payment methods in the admin area, Pay pal wasn’t even an option unless I “added” it… Will the stable version have all these features already installed? Also, should I buy version 1.3.5 now and will there be a cheaper version upgrade when 2.0 is fully released.

I process all my payments via paypal, am I missing something with the beta 2.0 version set up or is not a feature to prevent people from really using it?

Can I set up version 2.0 and sell real products and when the stable/full version comes out, buy the license?

hmmmmm… $250 for a product that it seems hard to find real answers for…

You post a question and 35 mins are upset because no one answers you in 2 mins? Wow, not very serious about this evidently.

Contact the support dept. … you’ll get an answer… just not in 20 mins

2 minutes doesn’t = 35 mins… So I posted the question over 35 minutes ago and didn’t expect an answer in 2… I do expect some sort of a response since the product is pricey compared to other carts.

I did email support (over 5 hours ago) and that’s why I came to the forums… Seems both places are not too quick… Or… I need to work on my patience… Either way…

If you purchase a CS-Cart license now, you will get the new 2.0 stable release version (in a few weeks) when it is officially released for free as 1 year of updates are included with the license. I would just buy a license & then start building your store with the 2.0 RC version now If I were you.

[QUOTE]I do expect some sort of a response since the product is pricey compared to other carts.[/QUOTE]

Dude you gotta be kiddin… Make sure you compare CS-Cart to other cart options with similar features outta the box! :wink: