CS-Cart 2.0.6 missing dropdown box in admin


Anyone using the new CS-Cart 2.0.6 I’m missing the dropdown box option when adding new products in the admin control panel. Instead a radio box appears, any help will be appreciated.



CS-Cart ver 2.0.6

What field are you talking about? If it is in the “Features” tab, the display type is determined when setting up the product feature - you can modify it in Catalog->Product features.


Allow me to explain further,

When adding new products I used to get a drop down menu of all the categories created so I can pick which category to insert the new products under. For some reason I have an image box instead of the drop down window, this image box opens to the categories that I have created but I have to search down and click on a radio button to insert new products, which means that something is turned off and I don’t know where to look for it.



I think this happens when you have more than two level deep categories. Do you have 3 or more categories deep?

It sounds like you have a lot of categories. There is a setting in /config.php which controls when the category list is replaced with the category picker:

// These constants define when select box with categories list should be replaced with picker
[COLOR="Blue"]define('CATEGORY_THRESHOLD', 100); // if number of categories less than this value, all categories will be retrieved, otherwise subcategories will be retrieved by ajax[/COLOR]
define('CATEGORY_SHOW_ALL', 100); // if number of categories less than this value, categories tree will be expanded

You could increase this number but it might have some performance penalty.


Hey! Thanks for coming to my rescue I’ll review your suggestions and move forward

Thanks again!

CS-Cart 2.0.6