CS-Cart 2.0.0 Beta 3 is AVAILABLE

CS has released the next version of Beta 2.0.0 (release 3)

With the following changes:

[+] Upgrade center was enabled.

[!] News and emails addon: empty mails sent when pressing “send and send” button when creating email. Fixed

[!] Profile fields: there were problems when number of fields in billing address did not match number of fields in shipping address.

[!] Mailer: mail date generated incorrectly for several timezones. Fixed.

[!] Localizations: custom weight settings did not work. Fixed.

[!] Discussion addon: testimonials side box was missed. Fixed.

[!] Tar archiver handled long paths incorrectly. Fixed.

[] Upgrade center: notification about new upgrades was added.

] The Payment options section was divided on “Gift certificate” and “Reward points” ones.

[] Character translation rules updated for fn_generate_name function.

] Confirmation is added to all “Delete selected” buttons.

[] The size of Invoice in PDF file was decreased.

] Javascript subsystem: if link submits the form, brackets in “name” attribute

Please post all bugs using the BUG TOOL in the bottom right corner of the Beta software. Do not post a bug to the bug tracker! Thanks.

That was fast.? Got link?

Edit: [url]https://www.cs-cart.com/news.html#toc0[/url]