CS-Cart 1.3.5SP4 and PHP 5.3 (Deprecated Features)

Just a heads-up for people who are running on CS-Cart 1.3.5SP4, and maybe want to stay with that version until development has finished on v 2.x and it’s stable.

PHP 5.3 was released a few months ago, and along with it came some problems due to the PHP.net’s decision to backport some PHP 6 features into 5.3 and deprecate several oft-required functions from the PHP 5.2.x series.

The deprecated features (and there are also some backward incompatible changes) in PHP 5.3 mean that CS-Cart 1.3.5SP4 will not run under PHP 5.3 without being patched.

Some hosts have already changed to PHP 5.3, and others may well do in the near future since PHP.net have announced that PHP 5.3 will be the last release in the 5.x series before PHP 6.x is released.

You can read about the deprecated features here:


And the backward incompatible changes here:


CS-Cart help desk have stated that they will not be providing a service patch or update to allow 1.3.5SP4 to run under PHP 5.3 - although they would provide the patch as a ‘custom programming job’ for $280 (per user, we assume).

Instead, they suggest that any users wishing to continue using v1.3.5SP4 can either:

a) Upgrade to v 2.x, or

b) Move to a dedicated server - which would allow version 5.2.x of PHP to be installed.

CS-Cart v2.x will be patched for PHP 5.3 in versions 2.09 and 2.0.10, apparently.