Cs-cart 1.3.5 sp4 issue

I have a weird issue, need some help, my new site that i was developing was working fine (dont ask, no backups available what so ever)


try to add a product to cart…goes fine right?

try to add a product to cart and click view cart, goes fine again right,

now click on checkout…

im like dumbfounded as to whats going on…

I really need help asap from the forum experts!



Yep, went to a blank page.

It acts as if some critical files have been tampered with or deleted from your site.

If it were me, but it’s not, however if it were me :smiley: then, if you have not modified your CS-Cart core program files, I would start by re-uploading the cart files from your original download.

Just be sure that you do not overwrite your config files or modified skins!

I had this happen one one order. It seemed like it was only with that specific product combination. no idea. Never happened again.