CS-Cart 1.3.5 Service pack 2 is released


We’d like to inform the community that Service Pack 2 is released. Here’s the changelog:

Version 1.3.5-SP2 (Dec 25 2007)

[+] Saving of information about shopping cart of unlogged user is added.
[+] PHP "getimagesize" wrapper is added.
[+] AJAX requests sent by post method are sent by real POST method (not via hidden iframe) now.
[+] Ability to display prices with/without taxes is added to cart/checkout pages.
[+] Configurable classes hierarchical analysis for compatibilities was added.
[+] Paypal Express Checkout payment is added.

[*] The "estimate taxes using default address" setting is added.

[*] Barcode tab was renamed to Order Barcode on the addons settgings.

[*] Payflow pro payment. "Merchant name" changed to "User name". Shipping name updated.

[*] Customer registration at checkout is disabled, if the administrator enables the "Administrator must activate new user accounts" option.

[*] Access restrictions: code simplified and improved.

[*] Affiliate module: "Partner" was renamed to "Affiliate".

[*] Features can be assigned to products via override section on multiple update page.

[*] Create temporary file wrapper function is added.

[*] Dirname function is replaced with wrapper when using on urls.

[*] Exim: caching added to products export.

[*] Exim: basic export options can be hidden now.

[*] "core/notification.php" file is removed.

[*] Notification subsystem: logic is improved.

[*] Suppliers: code simplified and improved.

[*] Sessions updated to not trust unsanitised variables from GET and POST requests.

[*] 3D authentication added for protx direct payment processor.

[*] Payflow was replaced with Payflow Pro with https interface.

[*] Bestsellers and Customers also bought are displayed through the listmania addon.

[*] Ads can be hidden now (to display in lismania).

[*] Eway form payment processor was updated.

[*] Quantity field is added to products multiple update.

[*] Option for ability to estimating shipping cost on the cart page is added.

[*] The installation instructions were updated as the CS-Cart distribution package is now available in a ZIP format also.

[*] Froogle settings were removed.

[*] Access restrictions: when IP-addresses which do not have access to the admin back-end are added to the list, the software checks so that the administrator will not forbid himself to access.

[*] The "Allow to import and export data" privilege checking is added for the "Export selected" button and for the "Import" and "Export" pages.

[*] LiveHelp: deletion of offline messages from the is added.

[*] Settings: translation of subsections is added.

[*] Affiliate: if the Affiliate system is disabled, then user will be redirected from the partner area to the customer area.

[*] The conditions are extended in the "https_detect.php" script.

[*] Cookies deletion procedure is improved.

[*] Reward points: rates of secondary categories are checked now if "override global" option is enabled.

[*] ExIm: ability to import product thumbnail only (without detailed image) is added.

[*] Product details page: layout is improved if product has no data (description, etc...)

[*] Unnecessary scripts removed from "image.php" file.

[*] Ideal buckaroo. Now works with banks or credit cards.

[*] Promotions: calculation of nested conditions is improved.

[!] Bug with cookies and sessions when using both 1.3.4 and 1.3.5, in 1.3.5 AJAX requests have the wrong session. Fixed.
[!] Image links were generated in the HTML catalog incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Taxes and totals weren't updated in the "Estimate shipping" section. Fixed.
[!] Incorrect name of the state "Australian Capitol Territory". Fixed.
[!] Intershipper shipping calculator: if several realtime shippings were used, their rates were not defined correctly. Fixed.
[!] When using only Google checkout there was no opportunity to update cart. Fixed.
[!] General checkout: if some fields were incorrect and "shipping eq billing" checkbox wasn't checked, shipping section was closed after redirect. Fixed.
[!] One page checkout: if no shipping methods exist, error message wasn't displayed. Fixed.
[!] Classic checkout: checkout flow was broken if image verification was unsuccessful or account existed when registering new customer. Fixed.
[!] Warning message wasn't shown in shipping estimation section when no shipping methods were available. Fixed.
[!] Administrator could not save the changed order after deleting the credit card info. Fixed.
[!] Bottom box page links were always displayed even if they are disabled. Fixed.
[!] The existence of the AJAX-request in the "init.php" file was checked before its declaration. Fixed.
[!] Hidden products could not be added to the cart. Fixed.
[!] Customer could buy a product when it was out of stock. Fixed.
[!] Price including tax for the product with options calculated incorrectly on the product detail page. Fixed.
[!] An email with the access to the downloadable product was not sent to the customer. Fixed.
[!] Topics were not dispalyed if there were no root pages. Fixed.
[!] If Google checkout has payment surcharge then it was added even if another payment had been used. Fixed.
[!] Order could not be edited in the admin area if the product quantity was zero. Fixed.
[!] Ogone web payment processor: wrong redirection link was generated. Fixed.
[!] Products were not displayed in the category with the "Hidden" status. Fixed.
[!] Javascript error on the profile page, caused by the required fields. Fixed.
[!] The "Add to cart" button still was displayed for the product with the empty price and the selected "Do not allow to add" option. Fixed.
[!] Payment repay did not work with the enabled "Ask customer to agree with terms & conditions during checkout" option. Fixed.
[!] Discount label displayed incorrect value for the absolute discount on the product detail page. Fixed.
[!] Price was not changed when changing variants of options in the "product_multicolumns.tpl" template. Fixed.
[!] SQL error appeared when trying to override the same main and secondary category for the product. Fixed.
[!] Notifications were not displayed on the login page if a customer entered incorrect data with enabled https connection. Fixed.
[!] User data was displayed on the "one page checkout" page without taking into account the "profile fields" settings. Fixed.
[!] Taxes that use absolute rates calculated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Payment surcharges didn't work on the one page checkout. Fixed.
[!] CSS list definitions don't allow to display "bullet" lists inserted via WYSIWYG editor correctly. Fixed.
[!] Pagination doesn't work correctly with disabled ajax-pagination.
[!] Product option combinations didn't change the image on cart page. Fixed.
[!] Regular expression to compare destinations formed incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Paypal: return url pointed to incorrect location. Fixed.
[!] The "E-Mail" field was not displayed when registering on the checkout page ("User e-mail is used as login" and "Disable anonymous checkout" are enabled). Fixed.
[!] Database dumps, stored in *.tgz format weren't displayed in backup files list. Fixed.
[!] ExIm: if category name contained quotes, they weren't recognized correctly. Fixed.
[!] ExIm: incorrect query was formed for update object links. Fixed.
[!] ExIm: file upload to google server failed with some conditions. Fixed.
[!] ExIm: double quotes in category name were extra-slashed during import. Fixed.
[!] RMA: when product was refunded, order recalculated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] RMA: when refund is done taxes were not recalculated. Fixed.
[!] Reward points: discount was applied twice to reward points in JavaScript;
[!] Reward points: points were not recalculated when a product had been returned using rma addon. Fixed.
[!] Reward points: The reward points are calculated incorrectly in JavaScript. Fixed.
[!] Reward points: The reward points of category is applied when the "Override global point" setting is disabled. Fixed.
[!] Reward points: if global price in points was used, it wasn't displayed on the product details page in the customer area. Fixed.
[!] SEO: if banner (ads addon) has link to product/category/etc... it was not rewritten. Fixed.
[!] SEO: page not found error was not displayed if wrond address was entered. Fixed.
[!] SEO: external links were rewritten to the local format. Fixed.
[!] SEO: incorrect redirection after form (form builder) submit when using HTTPS. Fixed.
[!] SEO: links for forms (form builder) were not rewritten. Fixed.
[!] SEO: redirect link generated incorrectly on IIS servers. Fixed.
[!] SEO: top links were not rewritten in the customer area. Fixed.
[!] SEO: when the "Show language in the URL" option was enabled and the current URL did not contain the '[lang_code]/' path then the language selectbox does not work. Fixed.
[!] SEO: shipping cost and taxes were not calculated at Google Checkout.
[!] SEO: multiple update did not work for topics and pages. Fixed.
[!] SEO: the "Currency" selectbox redirected to the wrong page at checkout. Fixed.
[!] SEO: seo name wasn't updated for categories, pages and topics when using multiple update. Fixed.
[!] Access restrictions: if the "Addons->Access restrictions->Allow login to the admin area from specified IPs only" setting is changed to disabled, when the "Access restrictions" addon is disabled, then an error occurred in the database. Fixed.
[!] Access restrictions: ranges of IP-addresses were defined incorrectly. IP-address was stored in the database as a signed number, not an unsigned one. Fixed.
[!] Access restrictions: administrator could delete his IP form the list of the permitted ones and lose the access to the admin back-end. Fixed.
[!] Gift Certificates: the "Purchase a Gift Certificate" link was displayed in the "Quick help" sidebox if this addon was disabled. Fixed.
[!] Suppliers: shipping methods can't be selected on cart page. Fixed.
[!] Suppliers: shipping rates were calculated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] LiveHelp: text type notification did not work. Fixed.
[!] LiveHelp: when visitor started the chat, he saw the old messages. Fixed.
[!] Livehelp: if no operators online there is no reaction if customer click on Livehelp image. Fixed.
[!] News and emails: if 'Number of entries in "Site news" side box' option was set to empty value, database error appeared. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: only one list can be attached to CMS page. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: "products2.tpl" template did not display correctly in safari. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: unavailable products were displayed in the "Newest" list. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: list description wasn't saved without any value.. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: the "Appearance type" field was not populated when "List Objects" was set to "Pages" and "Appearance Box" - to "Product details page" on the "Update list" page. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: lists were located too close to the "Continue shopping" and "Checkout" buttons on the "View cart" page. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: links to topics and pages were generated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Wishlist: products were added to the cart without selected options. Fixed.

Compatibility issues

[*] PHP5 support is improved.

Wow. Someone’s been busy!

i think it’s time I upgraded whle the shop is down fopr Xmas :slight_smile:

Cheers! Nice Xmas present :slight_smile:

Pls, help. When I’m upgrading from 1.35SP1 to 1.35SP2 it shows error message>

’ Error when openning ‘./local/upgrade_package/changed_files.lst’ to read ! '

I can’t find this file in upgrade package.



Just made my christmas day even better!

Thanks to the CS-Cart team!

[quote name=‘pianofo’]Pls, help. When I’m upgrading from 1.35SP1 to 1.35SP2 it shows error message>

’ Error when openning ‘./local/upgrade_package/changed_files.lst’ to read ! '

I can’t find this file in upgrade package.


It seems like the package was broken during download. Please try to download it again.


Anyone having fun with the SP2 yet? Good Job CS-Cart team. Happy holidays!

Now, time to upgrade!!!

I took the plunge earlier today and it fixed a slew of problems I was having with IE.

Way to go CS-Cart!

Now they just have to integrate Thickbox and it’ll be just about perfect for me!

Upgraded from 1.3.5 to SP2 using Store Manager. No problems.

I logged in and went to the File Area and there is no “Service Pack 2” upgrade softward to download. Can someone help?

Have a look under (upgrades).

Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.4 SP3 to 1.3.5 SP2

Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5 SP1 to 1.3.5 SP2

Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5 to 1.3.5 SP2

[quote name=‘zardos’]Have a look under (upgrades).

Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.4 SP3 to 1.3.5 SP2

Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5 SP1 to 1.3.5 SP2

Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5 to 1.3.5 SP2[/QUOTE]

damn i should start thinking of upgrading one of my site is in 3.4 im couple of notches behind…


Upgraded from 135 to 135 sp2…All went well. Wao!

I just upgraded from 1.3.5 SP1 to SP2 this morning. Everything appears to have worked perfectly! I did have a few simple mods in SP1, but nothing major.

Report back after you have tested everything. You may have a different point of view. LOL

I upgraded from cs1 to cs2 and all went as planned.

The install stopped at one point, and I had to do it again, but it worked the 2nd time. Probably lazy network…

I also forgot that my mysql database address is localhost not my url… ding dong…

Part from that works fine.

How do you guys upgrade from sp1 to sp2 ? did you use store manager or… ?

Don’t upgrade yet as there seems to be bugs acknowledged by support.

Edit: To be fair they’re now looking into it and recognise there are some bugs and are fixing them now :smiley: