CS-Cart 1.3.5 RC1 changelog

Hello, here’s the changelog for CS-Cart 1.3.5-RC1:

New functionality:
[+] New skin is added.
[+] Drop shipping addon is added.
[+] Statistics addon is added.
[+] Acceess Restrictions addons is added.
[+] Gift certificates addon is added.
[+] Listmania addon is added.
[+] Promotion addon is added.
[+] RMA addon is added.
[+] Reward points addon is added
[+] Cart and wishlist content viewer is added.
[+] Search orders by ordered products is added.
[+] Search customers by ordered products is added.
[+] Ability to add search words for products is added.
[+] Ability to estimate the shipping cost AT the cart stage is added.
[+] One page checkout is added.
[+] Google Analytics connector is added.
[+] New import/export api (ExIm) both with the set of import/export patterns is added.
[+] Repay functionality is added. Ability to make the payment several times if first is failed.
[+] Image verification functionality is added.
[+] Ability to upload logotypes for all areas is added.
[+] Ability to check the status of anonymous orders is added.

[+] HTML Markup updated to pass XHTML 1.0 Transitional validation for all skins.
[+] Javascript-base menu is replaced with css-based both in administratOR and customer areas.
[+] AdministratOR area: summary page is redesigned completely.
[+] SEO addon is reworked and extended.
[+] Discussion addon is renamed to Comments and reviews.
[+] Comments and reviews addon. Ability to enable/disable comments for miltiPle objects at once added.
[+] Comments and reviews addon. Ability for customer to initiate the order communication is added.
[+] Comments and reviews addon. Tabs ARE added TO comments and reviews page in administratOR area.
[+] Amount in stock is checked during each cart calculation now.
[+] "View orders" link is added to customers list and customer profile pages.
[+] New discount type: free shipping.
[+] Unsubscribe key is added to newsletters which is sent to news subscribers.
[+] Ability to hide/show sideboxes in administrative area is added.
[+] Ability to set alternative text for images is added.
[+] Ability to set store timezone added.
[+] Periods selector (search forms) is reworked and standardized.
[+] Discount Coupons: "use once per customer" property has been added.
[+] Product code field is added to the order details (products section).
[+] Robots.txt file is added.
[+] Secondary categories ARE added to mass product update.
[+] Ability to show/hide option variants is added.
[+] Pagination is improved: ability to switch to next/previous range via links is added.
[+] Shipping address is added to the PayPal Pro payment processor.
[+] PayPal: currencies list is added.
[+] Checking for !!! refunds is added to PayPal payment processor.
[+] New object is added to Comments and reviews addon: testimonials.
[+] Shipping system improved: ability to set rates per weighT unit and per item is added.
[+] Ability to set the "hidden" status for Products, Categories, Topics and Pages is added.
[+] LinkPoint: Path to certificate is clearer now. Certificate should be stored in payments/certificates.
[+] Airborne shipping module is improved, passed DHL certification tests and renamed to DHL.
[+] Product category displays in breadcrumbs when editing the product now.
[+] Navigation links to previous and next orders ARE added to the order details page (admin area).
[+] Fileuploader + Server browser are improved. Quick path-navigation is added.
[+] "Remember me" option is added to customer's login form.
[+] "Reset password" functionality is simplified and improved.
[+] Ability to edit home page title is added to site layout page.

[+] Addons: extension functions are executed by priority now.
[+] New AJAX library is added.
[+] JPGraph library (allows to draw different charts) is replaced with flash-based AmCharts.
[+] Settings system: new option type - "server file" is added.
[+] Ability to export data OF products and categories to xml is added.
[+] Terms changed: Modules -> Addons.
[+] Javascript discounts and taxes calculation is rewritten completely.
[+] FCKEditor is updated to the latest version.
[+] Secure targets definition is moved to config.php to allow extension by addons.
[+] Notifications system is improved: notifications that save their state now ARE closed without page reloading.
[+] Notifications system is improved: if notification is set during AJAX request, it is displayed in popup message box.
[+] Script tags are extracted from responses for AJAX requests now and evaluated separately.
[+] Ability to create thumbnails on-fly via special request is added.
[+] HTTPS checking callback is moved to init.php to allow checking both from administrator and customer areas.
[+] All javascript files moved from skins to classes directory.

[+] Variables for storing predefined paths ARE replaced with constants.
[+] Сalling of php scripts is forbidden from the "classes", "images" and "skins" directories.
[+] Form builder: ability to post forms via secure connection is added.

Payment processors:
[+] PayJunction & iDeal Basic payment processors are added.
[+] DeltaPay payment processor is added.
[+] FRIbetaling payment processor is added.
[+] Westpac payment processor is added.
[+] WinBank payment processor is added.
[+] CMCIC payment processor is added. It works with following banks: Credit Mutuel, Groupe CIC, OBC, CAIXA.
[+] SP plus payment processor is added.
[+] PRI Form & PRI background (MerchantAnywhere) payment processors are added.
[+] PayBox payment processor is added.
[+] ATOS payment processor is added.
[+] ESTpay turkish payment processor is added.
[+] ECHO, SCB payment processors are added.
[+] PayFlow payment processor is added.

Changed functionality:

[*] USPS realtime shipping calculation is updated to the RateV3 standart.

[*] USPS Shipping services is updated according to the latest USPS requirements

[*] UPS shipping services list is updated according to the latest UPS requirements.

[*] Australia post tracker is updated according TO the latest AUP requirements.

[*] DPS payment processors post address was changed TO the PXPost.

[*] Debitech and Idealbasic payment processors are updated to meet the latest requirements.

[*] Demo products descriptions ARE updated.

[*] All javascript code is escaped by CDATA now.

[*] Product options are removed from separate column to the product name column on order details, invoices and cart view pages.

[*] Price template is improved.

[*] Invoice style is improved: table borders I DisPLAYED on printed page now.

[*] Edit order button is moved to the page top.

[*] "Amount" language variable is replaced with "Quantity" for displaying number of products.

[*] Cloned products are set to the "unavailable" status.

[*] Linkpoint payment processor: date format is updated.

[*] Google checkout is adapted to use in the United Kingdom.

[*] Obsolete functions is removed from javascript files.

[*] Problems with multiple sessions creating during CHECK for secure connection are resolved.

[*] Session ID is attached to url which is used to test secure connection (to avoid creating new session).

[*] Order edit page - the "Notify customer" checkbox is added to stop system from sending e-mails.

[*] Debug console is displayed FOR administrator only.

Fixed bugs:

[!] Shipping method carrier and tracking number weren't saved when editing the order. It is Fixed.
[!] When product option textarea has a value eq to the variant of some option with modifier than it was displayed wrong on the option details. Fixed.
[!] Incorrect Google Checkout button was DisPLAYD on the cart page. Fixed.
[!] Addon export to quickbooks item discount was used instead of global. Fixed.
[!] If directory name where cart is installed is "/skins" (relative to domain: www.site.com/skins), images weren't attached to email. Fixed.
[!] If input or text area option value containS the number of some variant of any other option and this variant has a modifier than this modifier will be applied. Fixed.
[!] Discount share between products was wrong. Fixed.
[!] Compare products page: If too many products are compared, then they are displayed below the side boxes. Fixed.
[!] Compare products page: If the "Clear compare list" button is clicked on the compare products page , the page is not cleared. Fixed.
[!] HTML catalog: .htaccess file was deleted when dropping catalog. Fixed.
[!] SQL error appeared when searching events by owner and subscriber. Fixed.
[!] Linked options, exceptions were not cloned. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator: compatibilities were checked anyway if "none" was selected in the group. Fixed.
[!] SCB payment processor wrong url was used. Fixed.
[!] Winbank payment processor. Wrong value was passed. Fixed.
[!] Google checkout. When no taxes defined the shippings rates were empty. Fixed.
[!] Product Features. When using advanced search with the feature type "checkbox", search did not work. Fixed.
[!] Newsletters: status has not been changed after the newsletter is sent. Fixed.
[!] Discounts: admin could enter several discount coupons with the same code. Fixed.
[!] Orders manager: minimal order amount was compared with subtotal instead of total. Fixed.
[!] Payment surcharge in alternative currency LEAD to javascript error. Fixed.
[!] Products seach: there were no ability to search products with zero price, amount etc. Fixed.
[!] Bug with live transactions in the Protx Form payment processor. Fixed.
[!] Template editor: security issue is fixed - store administrator could see contents of any file on the server file system. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator. Order details for configurable product, options info was displayed wrong. Fixed.
[!] Nochex payment processor: callback url !!! missed. Fixed.
[!] Protx Form payment processor: email was sent to the wrong email address. Fixed.
[!] Affiliate: product banners did not show images when images location is file system. Fixed.
[!] Bug. Product Configurator. User could avoid selecting required products during configuration by entering directly to the last step. Fixed.
[!] Bug. Product Configurator. When subproduct has wholesales prices for different memberships, then it is shown multiple times on the configure product page. Fixed.
[!] Bug with thumbnails. When original image width is less than thumbnail width then thumbnail is streched up. Fixed.
[!] A taxed price value was displayed incorrectLY in the "products_multicolumns.tpl" template. Fixed.
[!] When order is placed two redirections appear if the secure_auth option is enabled. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator. When product is configurable and it has options then product price update fails with more than 1000 number because of the separator. Fixed.
[!] Profiles and additional fields. Additional field was linked to the profile id even if it was in the "contact information" section. Fixed.
[!] The partner e-mail is not displayed on the "Affiliate payouts" page when the "User e-mail is used as login" option is checked in settings. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator: when there're more than 10 groups, then on the classes page there is only first 10 groups in the sElectbox. Fixed.
[!] When the the 'Show price includes taxes' setting is disabled, than the '($0.00 inc tax)' text is displayed on the 'Wishlist' page. Fixed.
[!] HSBC payment processor: could be the problem with windows hosting. Fixed.
[!] the "You save" amount wasn't displayed in the recently viewed product. Fixed.
[!] Customer wasn't redirected to the login form if he wasn't logged in when clicking on the orders link. Fixed.
[!] The checkbox in the table header on "Pay partners" page was not worked. Fixed.
[!] Links to commissions on the "Account balance" page in the partner back-end DID not worked. Fixed.
[!] Affiliate: if !!! "commisions for automatic approval" was set, then the error "Error of updating partner balance. The payout cannot be greater than the partner balance." was displayed IN the "Pay Partners" form. Fixed.
[!] Shipping is recalculated INCORRECTLY when editing the order (if taxes auto-calculated if shipping cost is manually set). Fixed.
[!] Product configurator. When in the required group only one product it was no selected and no ability to select it was presented. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator. There was no link to the detailed image on the group info page. Fixed.
[!] The taxed price for the "Show price includes taxes" option was displayed wrong if decimal sign in price was not equal TO '.'. Fixed.
[!] Orders manager: when editing an order the payment templates ARE used from admin skin, not customer. Fixed.
[!] Additional images were not displayed in partner area. Fixed.
[!] Discount label was not displayed in partner area. Fixed.
[!] Language code wasn't taken into account when retrieving Configurator group products in admin area. Fixed.
[!] The taxed price is sometimes displayed wrong when the option "Show price includes taxes" is used. Fixed.
[!] Manufacturers list page wasn't rewritten properly for SEO. Fixed.
[!] Payment surcharge wasn't passed to PayPal. Fixed.
[!] Protx Direct & Protx Form payment methods: basket format was invalid. Fixed.
[!] PayPal: products quantity was passed wrong!. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator: on the order details wrong taxes were displayed. Fixed.
[!] Product options. Not available options were displayed in the cart. Fixed.
[!] Bug with statistic reports. Table conditions, search products - wrong links were shown after search. Fixed.
[!] If price is less than 1, javascript format function worked incorrectly in Safari. Fixed.
[!] If the "checkbox" product option has the modifier, it was applied automatically in Safari. Fixed.

Thanks Zeke, now back to work :rolleyes:

Cs-rocks !!!

[QUOTE][+] Сalling of php scripts is forbidden from the “classes”, “images” and “skins” directories.[/QUOTE]

Hello Zeke,

so if I need to call an external php scrip (I actually have two), how can I do, please?

Mant thanks,


OMG, that’s a lot of work!

Can’t wait for it’s release!

[quote name=‘Palmtop’]Hello Zeke,

so if I need to call an external php scrip (I actually have two), how can I do, please?

Mant thanks,


Just put them to CS-Cart root directory.

[quote name=‘zeke’]Just put them to CS-Cart root directory.[/QUOTE]


just I actually done!

Many thanks



Is there a planned release date for a final version of this? and will it need a full install or will just an update be available?

I want to know the answer to this as well. I read “Early September” but it’s nearly MID September… :wink:


The release date will be announced after completing the testing.

As for now - CS-Cart 1.3.5 RC2 is available for downloading.

Beta.cs-cart.com is also updated.

Is there a change log that shows what in RC2 has changed since RC1?


[quote name=‘pbannette’]Is there a change log that shows what in RC2 has changed since RC1?


RC2 contains bugfixes which were found in RC1 + ability for administrator to operate as any customer (from registered accounts).

[quote name=‘zeke’]RC2 contains bugfixes which were found in RC1 + ability for administrator to operate as any customer (from registered accounts).[/quote]

WOOT! So that means I can browse as ‘customer a’ and create an order on their behalf?

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]WOOT! So that means I can browse as ‘customer a’ and create an order on their behalf?[/QUOTE]

I certainly hope so, it will be really helpful for me to have that feature!!!


[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]WOOT! So that means I can browse as ‘customer a’ and create an order on their behalf?[/QUOTE]

Yes, it logs you in as the customer without having to know their password. Then you can place orders on their behalf.

Hi, I’ve downloaded CS-Cart 1.3.5 RC2 but I can’t seem to find the xml exporter as mentioned in the changelog:

[QUOTE][+] Ability to export data OF products and categories to xml is added.[/QUOTE]

Can someone please direct me in the right direction?


I could still see some bugs that are reported in 1.3.5 and some still to be discovered before it can really be final for the live store as per my opinion.

Hi Zeke,

In the change log you state that:


[+] HTML Markup updated to pass XHTML 1.0 Transitional validation for all skins.

[+] SEO addon is reworked and extended.

I am working on 1.3.5-SP4

With SEO disabled the site validates fine at W3C

but with it enabled it fails with 7 errors on a category page (these pages validate OK with SEO disabled). Product pages are ok though.

Thought you might like to know.