CS-Cart 1.3.5 Beta - Live Server

Since the community would love to save themselves time and trouble installing cs-cart 1.3.5 beta I have set up a working copy on my server at this time.

Rules are as followed:

  1. Those that wish to view the live beta will be required to either PM or email me. Only then will the server url and username/password be provided.

  2. All usernames/email MUST be the one used on this forum, saves time pointing fingers after all.

  3. Any security type attacks, including using hacking software/scripts will have the site removed IMMEDIATELY and all users denied access.

  4. Lastly I would suggest that people create their own customer account to test and ONLY MODIFY their own ORDERS. This saves confusion and possible ‘bugs’ that occur when things are changed without reason.

  5. Be nice.

  6. There will be no FTP access to the server whatsoever.

    (Only admin.php access)

    So, Email or PM choice is yours.

Email with authentication Sent


there is another one provided by cs-cart at [url]http://beta.cs-cart.com/[/url].

[quote name=‘Codies’]there is another one provided by cs-cart at [URL=“http://beta.cs-cart.com/”]http://beta.cs-cart.com/[/URL].[/quote]

Sure is, not advocating better services however using a non-public one allows users the benefit of not having thier own settings changed while testing.

That way, other users don’t become your ‘bug’ :smiley: