CS-Cart 1.3.4 RC3

CS-Cart 1.3.4 RC3 has been released. Feel free to download it from your personal File Area in Help Desk.

“Product configurator” is available since this version.

Good News !!! CS ROCKS…

so i take it this is it!?!?! we can download it and use it? thats great! cant wait. thanks to all who helped test it and put thier time in to it.

No, this is RC3 and in your Helpdeak area it says…

This version is for testing purpose only!

Please do not use this distribution package for building a live store!

Please submit all discovered bugs and problems on the special Bug Tracker page on our official community forums at:


okay, just saw the other post from joe too about it mabey next week or so.

[quote name=‘zeke’]“Product configurator” is available since this version.[/QUOTE]

Are there any sample products that use the product configurator?

I found the configurable product. It is the Compaq Presario SR1410NX Desktop PC, in case anybody else is looking for it.