CS-Cart 1.3.4 RC1

I have enable the gift registry module, and allowed any user to create events, but when using the Brickwork Dark Steel template, I do not see any place for a customer to actually create any events for the registry. I am wondering whether the gift registry functionality is complete at this time, or whether it is still under development. I see an event lookup function in the Admin area, but not much else related to that feature. Has anybody successfully tried this feature?


I recommend setting your skin to default blue, I just did and onthe home page appears this


and also a link to view private events. It may just be those skins arent updated yet.

default blue probably has the most development time by CS, so I’m gonna work with that for a while.

Thanks ETI,

I was wondering if it was a template issue. That is why I thought I would mention I was using the Brickwork theme. I will try it out on the default blue theme to see how it works. The reason I chose to use the Brickwork theme is because that is what I will be using as my base template when I start developing upon official release. I just want to make sure that everything works properly with that theme too. Perhaps the developers just haven’t gotten to that template yet, but then again maybe it was an actual oversite. Perhaps they can let us know.

Yea, i definately report it, but since it is an RC1, we can probably flush out more bugs if we all use the base blue for now…and then branch out after they release a few fixes?

Just a thought.

:confused: Makes sence to me, as i was also looking at brickwork theme. :rolleyes:

“Compare List” will show in default blue template, but with no comparison when the products I select are listed

I have switched to the default blue theme for now for further testing. I will go back to the other themes once they release another candidate or two since the Brickwork theme seems to have several issues right now.


It appears that the compare list buttons and sidebox do work in the default theme, however, I am not actually seeing any comparison when the products I selected are listed on the comparison page. I entered some features for each of those products, but none of the features show on the comparison page, just the product names. Am I missing something?

Hi compernicus

Same here, no comparison when the products I selected are listed.

“AJAX(Javascript)-based “add to compare list” button” appears to work also.

“Discussions” appears to work


I have tried that, when the partner login their account is the same as other user, no option for the partner to scheck their status.

I cannot waite till I get home to test, How is the search engine friendly URLs?


Unfortunately, when I enable SEO URLs, i get an error message stating that Apache and Mod_Rewrite are not enabled. The problem is that they are enabled on my server. So, at this point, it is difficult to tell how well they are working. I have submitted a bug report in conjunction with ETI’s bug report about SEO URL’s. We’ll see what the developers can suggest.


I have played around with the gift registry a little bit but have run into some problems. The first problem, which is similar to the create orders bug I earlier reported is that you can search for products to add to the gift registry, but you cannot actually select any since there are no checkboxes next to the items. If anybody else can confirm this, I will add it to the bug reports.

Second, when I attempt to create a PRIVATE event, when I submit the information, it asks me to enter an access key for the event. I didn’t previously notice a place to assign a key when creating the event, so I assumed this was the place to do so. No matter what I enter though, I get an error stating that “The access key you entered is invalid”. So, at this point, I cannot get back into the event from the customer side. Can anybody else duplicate this issue? I also noticed that when the email is sent to the entered recipients, there is NO access key listed in that email. No email appears to be sent to the creator of the event either, so perhaps there should be an email, and maybe that would contain a random access key? I don’t know how it is supposed to work.

Does anyone have any thoughts or is anyone able to duplicate these issues?

I’ll post this to the right place too, but for those of you considering the html catalog function, I’d warn you that it will be problematic. The issues I’m concerned with were in 1.3.3 and have not been addressed. I’m going to post to the proper location, but also wanted to mention here as in my opinion at least these issues effectively render the html catalog useless as far as ranking in the Search Engines. The issues seem relatively straight forward to address, but their effect will be HUGE if they are not … I hope the CS-Cart team will consider addressing them for the next RC version or the stable release.

I’ve posted details at [url]http://vb.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?p=5288#post5288[/url]

anyone testing the affiliate module??? It doesn’t seem to work…


I played with the affiliate module a little bit, but couldn’t figure out how to get anything working either. I setup a user as a partner, as I assumed that would be the category for affiliates, but when I log in after setting up that user as an affiliate, I do not see anything different. So until further instructions are given, I really don’t know if it is not working or if I just have no clue how to get it to work. :wink:

[quote name=‘compernicus’]Taydu,

Thanks for your reply compernicus, that make me feel better. :slight_smile:

also a Q about the iDEAL payment included (iDeal XML):

1.how does this work? since looking in the code it doesnt even have remotely to do with

the real iDEAL payment system in The Netherlands (that was supposed

to be in this release).

2.missing 2 more Payment Provider gateways (also for iDEAL & more) in the netherlands,

Buckaroo & Chronopay that were promised (and even tested etc.)


[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]Yea, i definately report it, but since it is an RC1, we can probably flush out more bugs if we all use the base blue for now…and then branch out after they release a few fixes?

Just a thought.[/QUOTE]

absolutely yes.

i also discovered that the default skin is the only one working with all new features. (i’m using the red one… i guess the base is really the same)

Regarding partner section (affiliate add-on): the partner has own area, and can login using this url:

[url]Custom Application Development Software for Business - Salesforce.com

would it be much better to create a new main forum for 1.3.4 beta testing?

i guess in a few days this thread will become huge

Please post everything regarding 1.3.4 testing to new forum “CS-Cart 1.3.4 beta testing” - [url]http://vb.cs-cart.com/forumdisplay.php?f=22[/url]