CS-Blog on 1.3.4 RC3 tommorow

ETInteractive is this correct?

This is from the CS-Blog

CS has informed me that 1.3.4 RC3 will be released tomorrow!

Tuesday 17,10,06

The big news is that the Product Configurator will be included for all to test.

This allows the store to sell a step build product, like a computer, selecting case, motherboard, cpu, etc, in a formalized step process.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I have taken the task of addressing the checkout steps in cs-cart with their development staff. As we all can see the steps are slighty out of the norm in terms process flow.

Customers have to login or create an account before they can see shipping, which many customers dont want to do. Cs has agreed this process is wrong and are going to investigate changing the checkout process to be in line with all the major shopping carts on the net.

I will keep everyone informed of the status, but it is highly unlikely this will make it in 1.3.4.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my blog…and yes, high probability of RC3 tomorrow, unless there is a show stopper bug or problem.

Sorry, thought it was CS-Cart blog :rolleyes:

Not a problem…whenever I find out new info I will post it on the blog.