Cs 4.1.2 Shipping Not Working

Fresh installation and I can't get shipping to work. No matter what I try all I can get is the Free Shipping option in Checkout Step 3.

I have a valid FedEx account and have setup shipping for Realtime using FedEx but it doesn't give me the option during a test purchase for anything other than Free Shipping.

My product doesn't have free shipping checked.

I live in the USA and have ensured my default address in the settings is accurate. A “Test” of the shipping method in the Shipping Settings will popup an amount for a fake shipping test, but when I try to place a test order on my site it only offers Free Shipping!

I've already posted about this two days ago in another thread but no answers. I shouldn't have to use up support points to get something to work that should work straight out of the box so to speak.


Uninstall the Suppliers addon.