CS 4.0.1 Beta Install Failure

I was attempting to install CS 4.0.1. The install fails after adding the dbase locations and clicking next, a popup breifly says processing then closes. Has anyone got an idea why this is failing?


What is your version of PHP? It needs a newer version than CS Cart 3.

Just a suggestion to check.

Tried both 5.3.24, 5.4.14

do you have mod_Security running ?

You need to install “mysqli”in order to run cs-cart 4.

Hi Albert, I'm having a similar problem on a Windows 2008 / IIS box… I've enabled mysqli in PHP, but still having the problem… do you have any idea what else could be causing this, and how you can troubleshoot the install process in 4.0.1? I cannot find a list of pre-requisites for 4.0.1 server requirements, other than the basics, PHP version, MySQL version, etc, which is all ok on my Server to my knowledge.