Cs 2.2.5 To 4.2.4 Failed?

Hi All

I upgraded a shop with around 1000 products in the store. It was incrementally upgraded from 2.1.1 up to 2.2.5. All seemed ok, and I could see admin and the store pages worked viewing products.

I installed a fresh copy of 4.2.4 into a folder on the same web server partition.

Then IO login to the new install, and go to Store Import. It sees my old 2.2.5 ok, and goes through the import process. I want the progress bar right to the end and then it stops at 424 Addons, then closes back to the Import Store window i.e. does not complete to actualise and configure. ~If I view products in the new shop, it has none.

I checked the error log and it say nothing, just ends at 424.

Does anyone know what may be the problem.

I am at the moment loading up another install of 4.2.4 and will try again.

BTW I checked the image folders, and it looks like most if not all the images came over ok.

Try disabling all 3rd party addons in the 2.2.5 store and then doing the import. I'm guessing something is failing, but the addons themselves should not be being copied (though their DB tables will be).