Crticitcal bug = tax on pre coupon amount (v2.0.10)

version 2.0.10, fresh install.

crticitcal bug = tax on pre coupon amount

i notice what seems to be another super critical bug, which is foring me to turn off taxing.

1)bug = critical

tax is being charged based on the on pre coupon amount, not the after coupon amount.

example: i created a coupon that change the order toatl to 1 dollar:

i used the bounus =

Order discount: = order total =1

when i apply this coupon it changes the order total to 1 dollar but still charge me tax on the original amount, i have attached a screen shot of it.

i also tried it using a 10% off total coupon, and i got the same error, this is very critical bug i have started a bug for it here:


check the bug tracker as posted above …looks like they might have coded it completely wrong, not just a “bug”