Crowd Funding - Smart Upsell Addon

Here is another useful addon that we like to bring to the market with the crowdfunding.

Smart Upsell Addon. Increase you sales up to 20% with this Addon. Make upsell an easy job.

In the products you wish select from a product list the products you want to offer in upsell (select products that goes together and can convert - similar to buy together)

Set as many offers you like per product. Each offer should open on an popup window in cart or checkout area and after the customer has added the specific product to his cart along with some rules you can specify in each offer. You can also set an offer for the promoted products.

The offer(s) will be displayed with following rules (checkboxes to click in each offer)

Make offer only when cart total is in a specific price range

Make offer available between a specific date range

Make offer if any of selected products are in the customers cart (specify the product quantity also)

Hide products out of stock

Combine all of the above

So imagine a customer is buying a digital camera. After he has added the product to the cart, a new popup offers the extra battery for that camera.

He has the option to add to cart or ignore this.

We will start by offering this for version 4.2.x

For those who want to participate on this they can email to with subject [Smart Upsell Addon Group] for more details.


Very good idea! Is it possible to set up to set up a rule for the whole category and not just for a single product?

yes we can add that offcourse.

Any other ideas are welcome!


Hi guys again

The price for this only for the “early birds” will be 50USD and then price will be 70USD. As usuall lifetime upgrade is an extra bonus for all who invest in this in the presale phase.

In order to begin we need 10 slots, so please any one interested mail to info [at] with the subject [Upsell Addon prsale] in order to get payment info and the rest.


Ok people, 9 more slots after the first submition.

Lets close all slots in order for this to start developing!!