cron question

I’m trying to get a CLI cron setup. I already put this:


define(‘AREA’, ‘A’);

define(‘AREA_NAME’ ,‘admin’);



require dirname(FILE) . ‘/…/prepare.php’;

require dirname(FILE) . ‘/…/init.php’;


At the top of my file and it runs fine with some other crons I have setup.

The core functions all work.

The issue now is I’m trying to use some functions that are part of an addon in its func.php file. Normally when it initializes on a page, it includes those by default. What do I need to add to include the add-on loading? Or should I just manually include the func.php file?

The addons should be “init”'d, but they won’t be ‘loaded’. You have to have a SESSION and valid authentication for addon controllers to be loaded and run.

See this chunk of code in core/fn.control.php:

} elseif (!empty($_SESSION['auth']['usergroup_ids'])) {
$run_controllers = fn_check_permissions(CONTROLLER, MODE, 'admin', '', $_REQUEST);

This is a good security option. Otherwise, all sorts of vulnerablilities might come out given that most addons are not written to be run anonymously and securly.

I ended up adding:

require dirname(FILE) . ‘/…/addons/my_addon/func.php’;

and it worked just fine.

I could have manually set some session vars at the begining of the file. Seems better this way though since I only really need one addon and it works that way. I actually do that in the addon where it wants some auth data, I just set $auth=array(‘usergroup_ids’=>array(0,1,2))