Cron Jobs, Automated Tasks, Scheduled Jobs, Backup Database & Website

Posting this info because it took a lot of effort to get the cron jobs to work. I take lots of info off the forums so this is one of my contributions. I’ve tried addons and simple cron scripts work best for me.

Attached are instructions for cron job commands for both V3 and V4. there are some slight variations between the two.

They include: clear cache, clear thumbnails, clear template cache (V4 Only), delete statistics, clean logs, optimize database

Note: Clean Logs and Clear Statistics do not leave a subset of data.

Website backup and Database Backup

I do not have a cron command for these but there are other ways to do it with backup software.

My goal was create and store backups of the database amd website on my PC. There is affordable software for this although not easy to find on the web. I did find and tried the following software that does both tasks.

SiteVault = The one I am currently using on my WIN 8.1 pc. Setting it up was not simple and intuitive but once set-up it seems to work flawlessly. I did not use their support to figure it out.

Iperiusbackup = Never got to test this one but it is candidate. Little more expensive than the others.

backupsf = had problems using WIN 8.1 and could not get this one to work at all. No response from their support.

webdrive = works better in WIN 8.1 than backupsf but had many many errors and gave up on it. Their support staff tried to help but I ended up giving up on them simply because it should be that hard to get working. I gave them 2 weeks of my time.

Hope it makes someone’s life easier.






Thanks for sharing Ken, Sitevault looks exactly like what i was looking for. I need to perform offsite backups of the database, using cron ftp etc from one server to another, gets too complicated.