cron Export Error Message


I am running 4.0.2 and PHP 5.3x. Since upgrading to 4.0 I've been getting this message when the cron job to export my datafeeds runs:

Currently installed PHP version (5.2.17) is not supported. Minimal required PHP version is 5.3.0.

I'm clearly running 5.3 and the datafeeds are created. Can someone suggest what might be causing this message.


Have your host verify your configuraiton. You can also run the phpinfo link on the (I think) settings/logs page to see what phpinfo returns.

Looks like it had to do with the command line. I am on a Hostgator VPS. The system wide version of PHP defaults to 5.2 so even though my site is using 5.3, cron is using 5.2. To correct, I had to change the cron command line from

php --dispatch=exim.cron_export --cron_password=xxx


opt/php53/bin/php --dispatch=exim.cron_export --cron_password=xxx

Yep, that would do it… Thanks for the update. Good info to remember.