Cron-based data feed scheduling under IIS and Windows Server

Hi there,

Has anyone out there tried the cron-based data feed generation scheduling with IIS and MS Windows? I already have CS Cart (mostly) running under Server 2003, it’s just this one issue I’m concerned with at present.

I intend to look into this further myself tomorrow, so I’m not asking for a complete solution(!), just a basic heads-up and rough idea on whether it’s workable or not. If anyone has tried it and run into any obvious problems that would be very useful, thanks. :-)

I’m asking partly because I realise that CS Cart was written more with Apache in mind and that cron (which I believe it calls) is a Unix-ish (i.e. not native Windows) facility.


  • Smich

Disregard this; having taken a look I realise that despite mention of “cron”, it's just a simple command line thing that can be run just as easily via the Windows scheduled tasks list.