Cresecure Issue When Upgrading From 4.2.4 To 4.3.5


I have used cresecure (Control Scan) for several years. Had successful upgrade to 4.2.4 last year.

Upgraded to 4.3.5 over the weekend and can't use cresecure.

Received message:

Issue 10034-2351 has been encountered

I use Vivashop theme and applied the upgrade for this version. Made no other changes.

Control Scan support offered suggestions, but these are for when developing a mod and probably first time use. I have been using it for years and did not change anything..Not sure if thy do much except to reply with canned responses.

A ticket to cs-cart was created.

Just wondering if anyone else uses Cresecure and experienced any issues upgrading to 4.3.5..




CS-Cart Support found and fixed the issue.

This is from cs-cart support:

It was caused by the incorrect permissions set for the app/payments/cresecure.php file. It seems that your server forbids to access scripts with 666 permissions. So I changed them to 644 and the issue is resolved now.

Thank you CS-Cart Support.

Hmm, maybe this is why my amazon payments have not worked in two years. The order is generated at Amazon, with no shipping and nothing in CS-Cart. Will have to check this out!