Credit Module

I would like to see a module that would allow us to place a dollar amount credit on a customers account so they can use it toward their next order. I know that we can issue them a gift certificate, but would like to have this option also. Many of my customers forgot about their gift certificates or coupon codes. This way it will show up when they log in to their account at checkout.

Try reward points.

I know that is another option, but my customers have voiced that they would prefer to see an actual dollar amount that is in their account to use toward orders. Does anyone know if they have this planned for a future release? If not, I would like to highly recommend it.

I don’t use reward points, so I’m just guessing. Couldn’t the reward points number be modded to display the value of the reward points either instead or together?

In which case, that would be the same thing.

I would think it could be. Thank you for the suggestion. I will have to look into it.