Credit control/Wallet

Hi all,

We give some of our customers credit, which lets them place orders and pay for it after 30 days. The amount they have spent is monitored in our accounting software (Sage). I was wondering if there is an add-on for CS-Cart which will show the customer how much of their credit they have used/have remaining, as they currently have to call us to check this. And the admins should be able to decrement it once payment has been made.

I have seen a few wallet add-ons which could be made to work, such as Wallet System | E-Wallet | and Cs-cart Wallet System

Has anyone had any experience with these add-ons or had something developed specially?



Any ideas on this, please?

@ghiyas : Hi We can customize our Addon : Cs-cart Wallet System with your needs.

You can message on our Email :