Credit Card Processing

First time setting up credit card processing on our site. We are using Sage payment solutions for in house processing, so after a phone call to them they gave me a Merchant ID and Merchant Key. I entered them into cs-cart. Set this up under a test group so no one else could see it till tested. First test order I place and I get back the following error message:


CVV Indicator=P

AVS Indicator=

Risk Indictor=00

Looked in admin area and the order came through with a “Failed” status.

I then went back to the back in to payment methods and removed all the dashed in the Merchant ID.

Looks like order completed from customers end. On the admin side the order status is “Waiting on Payment” this status type may have had the name change in the past. It is type “P”

with message Payment processor response: Approved12345 b>CVV Indicator=M
AVS Indicator=Y
Risk Indicator=00 and a transaction ID

S I’m guess it work, but I don’t know the proper procedure to complete the order since we never processed credit cards online.

Cs-cart version 2.1.1

Thanks for any help,

David DeWitt

I do authorize/capture at the same time… but try this… Go into the order that is pending payment and click Edit… go the payment section and see if there is anything about “process payment” … I'm in v4 so I don't recall exactly what the menus look like